This is our no nonsense price list for visitors to our Bristol Laboratory using our while you wait service. 

If you are unable to visit our laboratory please check out our postal service or if you live in Bristol and our surrounding area check out our collection service.

Denture Repair Price List

 Small Repair with Strengthener


 Refix Tooth - Full Denture


 Supply & Fit Tooth - Full Denture


 Extra Tooth


 Standard Repair with Strengthener


 Large Repair with Strengthener


 Each Extra Crack / Fracture


 Glued Denture (if repairable) Extra


 Add Tooth to Partial Denture


 Each Extra Tooth


Denture Naming / Cleaning Price List

Denture Naming (per denture): name set in clear plastic


Denture Naming (per set): name set in clear plastic


Ultrasonic clean and re-polish (per denture)


 Ultrasonic clean and re-polish (per set)


Copy Dentures (by appointment only)

Top OR bottom: 1 - 3 teeth


 Top OR bottom: 4 - 8 teeth


 Top OR bottom: 9 - 13 teeth


 Full / Full or Part / Part i.e. top AND bottom set